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Corporate Universe™

Corporate Universe is the first securities processing system that provides functionality to process both debt and equity securities on a single system. The system is used by corporate trust departments, corporate and commercial transfer agents, and state treasuries to provide securities record keeping services to corporations, municipalities, and utilities.

Key Benefits

Offering the industry’s most robust, feature-rich securities processing application, Corporate Universe processes more securities than any other system in the industry and is the only browser-based corporate trust and stock transfer system in existence. Key benefits include:

  • Complete System – Corporate Universe is the industry’s only complete securities processing system that offers functionality for all debt and equity securities.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership – Corporate Universe’s advanced technology and unified application reduce the number of systems needed to deliver effective securities processing. Lower cost of ownership is realized through diminished needs for physical resources (including multiple databases and extensive computer equipment) and the potential for reduced staffing.
  • Scalability – Corporate Universe can continue to grow as your business does. Its scalable architecture can handle millions of records and hundreds of concurrent users—even as your business diversifies existing portfolios and purchases new ones.

Key Features

  • Open Architecture
  • Real-Time Processing
  • Guaranteed Security
  • Diverse Debt Processing and Calculation Capabilities
  • Diverse Equity Processing Capabilities
  • Multiple Interest Calculation Methods
  • Remote Access
  • Batch Wire
  • Structured Finance Transactions
  • Depository Trust Company Interfaces
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Integrated Correspondence Tracking
  • Regulatory Compliance

For a detailed features list, view the Corporate Universe brochure.

Technical Architecture

To deliver unmatched, reliable results, Corporate Universe takes advantage of leading technology including:

  • Java, JavaScript
  • Caché
  • HTML, XML, ASP, JSP, CSP, ActiveX, COM
  • Java Servlets, Enterprise Java Beans
  • UNIX, Solaris
  • JRun Server
  • Other Relational and Object Databases
  • Automated Testing Tools
  • Crystal Reports
  • Opalis

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Open Architecture
Corporate Universe's open environment and platform independence enables it to grow as your business does.

  Debt Processing
Corporate Universe's diverse debt processing capabilities handle bearer and registered, puts/tenders, municipal financing, corporate financing, equipment leasing, commercial paper, medium term notes, and more.
  Equity Processing
Corporate Universe's diverse equity processing capabilities handle cash dividends, stock dividends, splits, exchanges, liquidations, dividend reinvestments, reorganizations, and more.
  Regulatory Compliance
Corporate Universe achieves compliance with necessary IRS, SEC, FDIC, SIC, Escheatment, and OFAC guidelines.
  Diverse Interest Calculation
Corporate Universe supports many interest calculation methods including 30/360, 30/365, actual/actual, compound, discounts, variables, and more.
  Remote Access
Corporate Universe allows remote third-party access and facilitates telecommuting.

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