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ISS Products

Integrated Software Solutions' premier products offer cutting-edge solutions, with the customizability, security, scalability, and flexibility that today’s businesses demand. ISS products include:

  • CU SHARE™ – A complete shareholder accounting and management sytems for banks, transfer agents and real estate investment trusts.

  • CU BOND™An integrated bondholder accounting system for use by paying agents, trustees, and registrar and transfer agent functions.

  • ISS ESCROW – An escrow accounting solution for managing, tracking and reporting client funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices.

  • PROXYVOTENOW – An industry-leading integrated solution for telephone- and Internet-based proxy voting, consent voting, and proxy contests.

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  Financial Services
Our financial services products offer features such as securities accounting, money market instrument issuance, and automated customer service.
  Proxy Voting
ProxyVoteNow is a tremendous telephone- and Internet-based proxy voting solution.

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