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ISS QuickView

ISS QuickView measures your organization’s current capabilities as compared to present and future business objectives and provides process improvement recommendations based on our assessment. ISS QuickView analysis focuses on:

  • Business Objectives – We perform comprehensive research to determine how your current organizational capabilities align with your current and future business objectives.
  • Processes – We thoroughly review your current processes to assess need, efficiency, and customer impact.
  • Costs – We determine how cost-effective your current processes are and identify cost-saving methods.
  • Technology – Our experts analyze the technical requirements that are necessary for your business objectives to be met. We consider robustness, scalability, flexibility, compliance, and global impact.

Expert Recommendations

After completing our comprehensive assessment, ISS professionals will present a complete report detailing how your current processes and technology choices affect your costs and business objectives. Where applicable, we provide short- and long-term improvement recommendations that are cost effective and easily implemented.

Meeting Your Needs

ISS expertise and ISS QuickView can be applied to institutional service areas including:

  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Operations
  • IT/Systems
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Employee Relations
  • Customer Satisfaction

In most cases, we require only the cooperation of your team for interviews, and we can submit our assessment and expert recommendations in just a few weeks. For more information about ISS QuickView, please contact us today to find out how we deliver answers at the speed of right.

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  Process Assessment
ISS QuickView analyzes your business objectives, processes, costs, and technology associated with specific tasks, departments, or organizations.
  Improvement Recommendations
ISS QuickView provides comprehensive, expert improvement recommendations based upon the findings of our process assessments.

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