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ISS Hosting Services

Integrated Software Solutions, Inc. (ISS) provides a completely secure hosting facility for business users. We offer a wide variety of services and full-featured hosting environments that are state of the art and easily customizable to fit the needs of your business. ISS takes great pride in providing and sustaining specialized hosting environments with businesses large and small throughout the country and will gladly work with you on optimizing your business.

Greater speed and security in the business world allows more freedom and efficiency for your business. The hosting services provided by ISS can take care of both of those needs. Along with the personal touch taken by our customer support professionals, you can find the hosting provider for you.

Customer References

ISS has proudly been serving organizations ranging from the global financial service institution to regional businesses in a variety of markets for over two decades. Whether a high-profile project that requires extensive external expertise has been required, or on going work that a business prefers to outsource, ISS has and continues to meet the needs to these and other fine customers.

  • National City Corporation
  • Ellen Philip Associates
  • Integra Bank
  • Regions Financial Corporation
  • Eastern Trust Services
  • Stalt Inc.
  • Metropolitan Bank

Technical Information

Along with a dedicated team of professionals with over 20 years experience, ISS is also proud to offer access to fully comprehensive hosting facilities. These top of the line facilities include:

  • Redundant power feeds
  • Redundant internet server providers
  • Battery & Generator backup
  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Backups sent off-site via secure messenger
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Shadowing service between our facility

Dedicated Hosting

ISS professionals will design, and operate, an application that runs an exclusive Cache License on a server which is not only dedicated specifically to your business, but configured that way as well.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is an excellent way that ISS can save your business time and money. With a Shared Hosting web application, ISS provides you with Cache Namespace that is shared with other web applications using an already existent Cache web license. This allows businesses to take advantage of the speed, power, and capabilities of Cache hosting for a more affordable price.

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ISS seeks to provide top flight service for all its products. Our database administrators personally manage your Cache web database seeing to aspects of its operation. They will upgrade it if necessary as well as prevent any trouble for your system by monitoring it at all times.
  Prompt Customer Support Response
With ISS there will never be a time where assistance cannot be provided to help with a customer support question. Our courteous staff is always available to swiftly assess and correct any issues that may arise.
The servers and components that comprise the network of ISS are state of the art and designed for constant efficiency. In addition, our servers are constantly monitored, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Continuous and stable access to your Intersystems Cache application is necessary for your business to run at maximum capacity, and ISS ensures that is always the case..
In today’s current global network of interconnected systems, you can never feel too safe. That is why ISS takes security of its network and yours very seriously. All of our servers are protected by sophisticated firewalls that not only detect, but negate unwanted intrusion attempts.

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